June 14, 2019

The Lionheart Academies Trust has been given permission by the Department for Education to open a new 11-16 secondary based serving central Leicester. The yet to be named secondary will open in 2021 with 240 Year 7 students joining in the first year.

The DfE panel were enthusiastic in their support of the plans for the new school based around a curriculum focused on traditional English Baccalaureate subjects including Classics and a supportive pastoral system that will build resilient and resourceful learners.

The Trust aims to attract students from a range of cultures and backgrounds in order to reflect Leicester’s diversity. The new school will also adopt the trust’s ethos and vision of a clear and balanced focus on academic excellence and holistic development. The trust’s simple and clear starting point establishes that any young person from any background deserves an equal chance to be successful in whatever they choose to do.

Head of the trust Kath Kelly – “Leicester is an increasingly attractive place to live and work and as a result the demand for school places is growing year on year. Our plans will support the region’s long-term growth and provide another first class option for parents/carers who want the very best for their children. As a trust based solely in Leicestershire we have a strong understanding of the type of education parents and carers want for their children. To meet these aspirations, this new school will have a strong focus on preparing for the very best careers, training, and further education.”

Chair of Lionheart Academies Trust Chris Swan – “The key element to this planned school is the opportunity it offers learners from all backgrounds; the new school will build aspiration not just through what is studied but also through a focus on ideas such as resilience, resourcefulness, creative thinking, and mutual support. These are qualities that have value way beyond the classroom, equipping all learners with the skills they need to progress regardless of their starting point in life.”

Another key feature of the new school will be its inclusion of classics as part of the curriculum. Research shows that classical subjects equip students with critical thinking and language skills, support the development of literacy, and develop cultural capital. The trust has strong links with the university of Leicester and through this has developed a relationship with ‘Classics for All’, a non-profit organisation that argues classical subjects enhance the curriculum to support the development of fundamental knowledge and understanding of the modern world. 

As well as offering a range of GCSE subjects, the trust believes in providing for social and personal progress. This ensures students are well prepared for their next steps; whether they be further education, apprenticeships or work. This ensures that students of the new school will complete a Routes to Resilience curriculum through which students embark on a range of activities and initiatives that will develop their personal drive, their initiative and ability to persevere in adversity. Research has shown that development of resilience is a key benefit to all learners, but particularly disadvantaged learners.

As part of the plans the trust would like to hear what the community wants out of a new school and will hold a number of consultation events. For more information and to register interest please visit or call 0116 272 9100.

The trust will also open the city’s newest sixth form college, Beauchamp City Sixth Form, in 2020, providing 350 KS5 places at its New Albion House city centre campus.